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Rosin Press Plate Kit 4x6" 6061 Aluminum Dual Plates

Rosin Press Plate Kit 4x6" 6061 Aluminum Dual Plates

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Heat Cage Kit 4"x6" with Dual Anodized Plates in Cartridge Cube

This 4x6 inch heat press plates kit is featured with caged cube frame. Light and strong 6061 aluminum is applied for heating plate for excellent heat transfer, thus reaching better working result


COMPLETE ACCESSORIES - Heat caged plate (top & bottom), 1 piece of control box with dual digital display, dual temp sensors, dual heating rods

ACCURATE AND EVEN HEATING - Accurate temperature is detected using separated temp sensors and 6.5" long heating rods

LONG SERVICE LIFE - More than 6,000 times service of heating rods. Provides carefree usage

Move onto Hydraulic Press, Plug and Play - The Heat Cage Kit Already Completed Setup, Just Move onto Hydraulic Press, Then Plug and Play 4x6" Sized Heated Plates

Accurate and Evenly Heating up - Utilizing separately Temp Sensors and Heating Rods to Detect Accurate Temp; 6.5' Length Rods inside Center of Plate Makes It Evenly Heated

Perfect Alignment - Top and Bottom Heated Platens Moving in Caged Frame in Operation


Voltage: 110V AC

Plate Material: 6061 aluminum

Temperature Range: 0-399 F

Working Temperature: 212-230 F

Package Content

1 X 4x6 Inch Solid Plates 

1 X Control Box TRPID01

1 X Screwdriver

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