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Rosin Press Silicone Mat Dab Mats 400*300/800MM Square Pad

Rosin Press Silicone Mat Dab Mats 400*300/800MM Square Pad

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The silicone mat is perfect for the kitchen or your next smoke sesh! Our multipurpose nonstick baking mat and smoking mat help prevent unwanted messes when dealing with your any type of sticky product.
The Silicone sheet has a anti-adhesive liner, it is heat resistant, and very easy to clean with soap and water.
The silicone mat is your number one defense to your sticky dry herb. presents you with a solution for handling sticky materials such as lip balm, spices, candle wax, painting, cream and anything you could think of. Throw down your mat wherever you are and protect your surfaces from a mess.
The Silicone cooking mat is portable, the thin silicone allows you to roll up your mat and bring it with you wherever you go.
Say goodbye to parchment paper! Protect your glass tools and reclaim lost oil. Microwave and hot-plate safe material spreads heat evenly when used for purging. Heat resistant to 500F. 3000+ uses. Clean with soap and water.


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